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Indian CSR Awards 2021

Awards | Conference | Exhibition


ICSR Awards is for those Corporates, Leaders, NGO’S, Individuals who have contributed towards enhancing the cause of Human Development in India from various spheres.

The event will witness the presence of various dignitaries, Guest of Honour, Social Activists, Volunteers, Corporates, institutes, Organizations & Crème de la crème from various walks of life who have been committed towards the noble cause & making a positive impact on the society through their innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives.


The Agenda of the conference is to organize a power packed panel discussion on the most significant areas with respect to CSR in India to understand the overall functioning and effectiveness of CSR in India and steps to make CSR more effective and meaningful.

The panel discussion will include 3 rounds of Sessions on 3 different Topics which will include 5 to 6 speakers in each round of discussion on a specific topic. Each Session will last for 45 mins.

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The Topics for Panel discussion are:

Corporate Social Responsibility – Charity or Marketing gimmick?

  • Factors differentiating CSR – charity or Marketing Gimmick.
  • Loopholes in Indian CSR Protocols
  • Steps to Curb down the Marketing aspect from Indian CSR.

CSR Should be Compulsory or Optional in India?

  • Does Compulsory CSR serves the purpose it is meant for.
  • What will be the impact of optional CSR on Indian Economy.
  • Pros and Cons of Compulsory CSR on Indian Corporates.

How to make CSR more effective in India?

  • What are the biggest drawbacks in Indian CSR.
  • Which significant areas are being ignored under CSR in India.
  • What could be done to encourage/Boost CSR among Indian Corporates.


The Exhibitors will be provided a Stall Space of 4sqm & 6sqm for Displaying their CSR Activities, Projects, for networking with Corporate Clients, Entrepreneurs & CSR Heads.

Award Registration

Award Catagories

Environmental resposibility initative of the year

  • Pollution Control Initiatives
  • Save Water Initiatives
  • Plant More Trees Initiatives
  • Wildlife Protection Initiatives
  • Avoid use of plastic Initiatives
  • Green House Emission Initiatives
  • Funding on Research Campaign
  • Solar Energy use Initiative
  • Reliance on Renewable Energy Initiatives
  • Donation for Environment Cause
  • Use of Electric Vehicle Initiatives

Healthcare initative of the year

  • Cancer Awareness Initiatives
  • Diabetes Awareness Initiatives
  • AIDS Awareness Initiatives
  • Polio Awareness Initiatives
  • Healthy Diet Awareness Initiatives
  • Fitness Awareness Initiatives (YOGA/GYM)
  • Sex Education Awareness Initiatives
  • Personal Hygine Awareness Initiatives
  • Public Health Programme Initiatives

Education initative of the year

  • Primary Education Initiatives
  • Scholarship Programme Initiatives
  • Sabbatical Leaves Initiatives
  • Girl Child Education Programme Initiatives
  • Skill Development Programme Initiatives
  • Education Sponsorship (Providing Study Materials to Needy)

Women Empowerment initative of the year

  • Women's Safety Initiatives
  • Women Healthcare Initiatives
  • Women Employment Initiatives
  • Gender Equality Initiatives

Special Awards

  • Top 10 Best COVID-19 CSR Initiatives
  • Best CSR Project of the Year
  • Best Healthcare Initiatives Project of the year
  • Best Social Welfare Initiative of the year
  • Best Road Safety Project of the year
  • Best Company to Work for
  • Best Education Support Initiative of the year
INR  (Inclusive GST (18%) per category + handling charges)